A hearty welcome to Nikki's Nest

A private sea side resort, nestled among the lush and slender coconut palms, that grace a hill slope, situated quite adjacent to India’s popular Kovalam beach, on the tropical shore line of southern Kerala. This resort washed by the Arabian sea offers the ultimate in tranquility and relaxation.The facilities offered at Nikki’s Nest are comparable to the best in traditional Kerala hospitality. Enjoy the familiar and cosy atmosphere that awaits you here in Nikkis Nest. Browse through the pages and enjoy the impressions of Nikks Nest.


About Nikki's Nest

Nikki's nest is a private sea side resort that sits perched on a hill top. Located in a quaint little village called Chowara, south of south India’s popular Kovalam beach, this tropical shore line tempts you with a lot of sun and a lot of sand, just what you need for a perfect tan. Cottages of traditional Kerala architecture placed at various levels on the hill slope, allow each twin unit to enjoy its own unobstructed view of the ocean and its surrounding beauty. These well furnished cottages with a good blend of modern amenities and traditional comforts, with a private lawn and garden of exotic orchid collections, provide the relaxation and privacy one deserves



 The eternal science of Ayurveda is another soothing experience in Nikki’s Nest. Ayurveda means "science of life".It is both a curative and a preventive form of therapy. Unbalanced biological tumors are the m Rejuvenation Therapy

Massages using medicated oils,steam baths and administration of rejuvenating medicines. Duration 7 to 14 days.

Yoga and Meditation

Relaxation in the real sense is possible only when the mind is free. Ayurveda believes that physical and mental health go together. Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation tones up the body, mind and soul. Special Yoga and meditation sessions are conducted by special Yoga Gurus.

Body Purification Therapy

Body massage by trained persons with a steady flow of medicated oils.Cleaning the inner organs by medicated oils and herbs.Application of herbal juices and medicated oils through the nose, on the head and cleaning the eyes.

Body Immunication

Same treatment as in Body Purification Therapy with additional Yoga and Medication sessions.

Slimming Programme

Medicated herbal oil massages and medicated herbal powder massages,body purification therapy and medicated steam baths.

Duration 14 to 41 days.

Beauty care Treatment

Herbal face pack and massage with herbal cream and oil.

Note: Duration of treatment may vary according to the direction of the physician and medication may change depending upon the patients body condition.

Ayurveda has a thorough method of eradicating the disease by cleaning out the aggravated biological tumors. This cleaning procedure is called "Pancha Karma". The Ayurvedic physician prescribes individual treatment after a detailed consultation.It includes Ayurvedic medication and special Ayurvedic diet.

You can find all the Ayurvedic Resorts we offer:  www.ayurvit.com

Mens sana in corpore sano 

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Either you chose a Rejuventation, a Purification or a Panchakarma Cure to retain your health, or for medical treatment when you already have problems with you health or just to do something for you under the aspect of wellness - it is alsways the right choice to join ayurvedic treatment !